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Quality Handmade Soap. Honest to goodness ingredients.

Welcome to Jen's Country Living! I started making handmade soap and launched Jen's Country Living in 2014. My love is creating things with my own hands. The items you will find here are all made with love and creativity.

My mom and I both have sensitive skin, and awful winter dry skin. My mom also has horrible allergies to any scents or fragrances whatsoever. Store bought soap, even the most gentle name brands, were not helping at all. I set out to create something that would be gentle, nurturing, and soothing. Well, I was hooked. 

I make a range of soaps including a standard strength of essential oils that you would expect in a handmade soap, to the very gentle and "naked" version I created for my mom. I make my soaps using the "hot process" method. I read somewhere that it is more labor intensive than the cold process method, but I disagree. My soaps are cooked and therefore cure amazingly faster than the cold process method. Also with the hot process method, you wont find any of the pretty, detailed patterns or colors. My soaps turn out looking more natural, and I like it that way. 

Handmade soap is one of my passions! I use quality ingredients such as organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and many more. I am really passionate about using as much unrefined, natural ingredients as possible and am passionate about using high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. I grow lavender, lemongrass, sage, rosemary, and many more to source my own dry herbs. Also, I grow my own roses and hibiscus. I'm also working on a lip balm and a laundry soap. 

It's time to nurture ourselves and use good for you ingredients. You may never go back to a store-bought bar of soap again. 

My other love is art. The peace and serenity you feel with the flow of creativity is amazing. My Chicken Wire Art is a product of this creative juice and they are ever-evolving!

I've always been a country girl living in the city. My momma wore combat boots and my grandma was a coal-miner (as well as being a coal-miners daughter). Grandma even had a gold tooth. Well, now I have moved out to the country as an adult, and loving every minute of it! Loving the land, fresh air, and the beauty of life. I'm the proud mom of three, plus: chickens, ducks, guineas, rabbits, and a dog. The newest additions to our little farm, Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

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